About us


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company Brothers Travel & Tours, the leading travel consultant and service providers in Kabul Afghanistan, and having branch offices in Dubai, with qualified and experienced staff to provide with all the best solution for all travel need. Brothers Travel & Tours established and started operations on 2015 and Provides Travel and Tours Services to the customers. We strive to excel in providing optimum value travel services to the traveler and have been successful in creating a niche for itself in the market. You can rely on us for your travel arrangements and we rely on our experiences.


Customer satisfaction and quality services are the prioritized objectives of Brothers Travel Travel. The company has a prestigious history of providing the best quality in terms of services to its Customers. We want to excel in travel and tourism backed by efficient and effective planning, while seeking to enlarge their scope and dimensions.


We have  the  best  personal,  with  loads  of  experience  in  the  specialized  services  of  travel  and tour. The managers and executives who oversee your prestigious account have themselves traveled throughout the world, and continue doing so and are thus exposed to the global standards  of  the  industry.  They  work on  the  guidelines  highlighted  by  the  company,  which allows them to maintain a perfect equilibrium between expectation and delivery of all clients thereby adding an outstanding value to each individual who travel through the company.

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